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Parents file police report after groomer teacher offers obscene book to kids

"Public Advocate has asked parents to file police reports on incidents involving the corruption of children with obscene homosexual pornography and we outline that in an online video. We are hopeful this effort by the parents results in the permanent removal of this Illinois teacher. This is not book burning, it is stopping willful grooming of children " says Eugene Delgaudio,president of Public Advocate.

Liberal NBC TV News reports:

Sarah Bonner has been an Illinois middle school teacher for 20 years, and she has always tried to offer her students a diverse collection of books.

One of those books was Juno Dawson's "This Book is Gay." It's a bestselling nonfiction book that's billed by its publisher as an entertaining and informative "instruction manual" for anyone coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans.

"By Wednesday, I received notice that parents had gotten a hold of pictures from that book that their child had taken in class," Bonner says. "By Friday, I was told that parents had filed a police report against me for child endangerment."

The day after Bonner learned about the police report, she received a letter from her school district - she had been placed on paid administrative leave.

AND NBC REPORTS THIS: reviewed a copy of the letter, which said in part that the district "recently became aware of certain allegations" against Bonner and was "currently investigating." Until the investigation was complete, Bonner was told "not to perform any duties for the school district." reached out to a school district's superintendent for comment but did not immediately hear back.


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