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Soros Prosecutor's Staffer, Dem Candidate In Violence-Tinged Group That Plotted Against Conservative Parents


Left-wing activists in Northern Virginia with close ties to its Democrat politicians plotted secretly to destroy conservatives and Christians, gleefully discussing their deaths and repeatedly scheming to get them fired, according to thousands of pages of 2022 online chat logs reviewed by The Daily Wire.

Calling themselves the "Loudoun Love Warriors," the group chat included a campaign staffer for the county's Soros-backed prosecutor, a consultant for its Democrat sheriff candidate, and the board members of a gay advocacy group. The activists were based in Loudoun County, an area just outside Washington, D.C.

"Someone gonna get hurt on their side and I hope I get to do it," Derek Summers wrote. "I'm sooo ready to show up with guns lol," added Summers, a rapper who offered firearms training to the group. On Facebook, he repeatedly posted pictures of himself with guns, with one adding the quote "all this love is waiting for you."

The group chat administrators were Andrew Pihonak, a campaign staffer for county prosecutor Buta Biberaj, who was narrowly elected with the help of $850,000 from George Soros; Heather Gottlieb, who said she met weekly with Biberaj; Meredith Ray, a board member of Loudoun 4 All, a group that tried to stop the recall of school board members following the coverup of a rape by a skirt-wearing male student; and Tori Truesdale, an organizer for Students Demand Action, an anti-gun and Democrat voter drive group bankrolled by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The Love Warriors spent weeks seeking to destroy the life of a 65-year old private citizen after falsely accusing him of saying he wanted to kill gays.

During the public comment portion of a meeting of the embattled Loudoun school board on December 13, 2022, Mark Winn read a scripture passage that cautions against adults failing children, quoting "If any man or woman causes one of these little ones to stumble, it would be better for a millstone to be put around your neck and thrown into the lake."

The group convinced itself that Winn had threatened to kill gay people and that it needed to respond accordingly.

Pihonak wrote "There is NO peace or reasoning with these people who [sic] getting people like me KILLED & Actively platforming voices speaking hate gets people like me killed on a regular basis." (source: Fight for Schools email statement).