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Delgaudio: The Culture War Is The Only Issue in 2024

"I immediately responded to (former Governor candidate) Kari Lake's tweet claiming the Culture war is NOT the only issue in 2024 on twitter within minutes of its posting. I told Kari Lake she was wrong and needed to reconsider her terrible surrender as this is the only major issue of 2024. Her subsequent responses claimed she did not mean to surrender," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.


The more obvious it becomes that our domestic political struggles are actually part of a much larger spiritual war over the fate of western civilization, that we are today engaged not so much in a political fight as a religious battle between good and evil, the stronger the urge seems to be among Republican politicians to deny this reality and take refuge in the comforting political narratives of the past.

A perfect case in point was a tweet last week from Kari Lake's permanent campaign, which managed in one fell swoop to channel the deeply misguided political analysis of the entire neocon Washington establishment: "No one is saying not to fight the culture war. But it's simply not the most critical issue heading into 2024."

"The GOP must show the country how it plans to turn the economy around & prevent World War 3," she added. "We need to take this country back from @JoeBiden before we can take our culture back from his friends."

Ah, yes. The comforting fiction that if we can just show voters how we plan to turn the economy around, surely then we'll regain power, surely then we'll have a mandate from the people - and then (and only then) we can "take our culture back."

With apologies to Lake, who before the midterms seemed to have a bright political future in the emerging populist GOP, this is absolute nonsense.

Put simply, the big mistake in thinking the culture war isn't the most critical issue heading into 2024 is that all of American politics is now one big culture war. The culture war is the only issue because the cultural war is everything now. When one side stakes its claim to political power on offering abortion up until birth and transgender operations for 8-year-olds, and holds out these policies as proof of its moral authority, we're way past arguing over how to get the economy back on track. There's no going back to that kind of politics.

Tucker Carlson hit on this at the end of his big speech at Heritage recently.........