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Watch Company Releases Ad Defending Women in Sports

Twitchy reports:

We've seen many companies go woke recently, particularly on the issue of transgender ideology. All things being equal, we would prefer if most companies just stayed out of controversial politics, but if they are going to get political, we would prefer it to be our politics, thank you very much.

So that brings us to the Egard Watch Company, which we never heard of until today, and this ad is amazing:

#erased Our ad response to woke corporate America. We are a company that believes in truth. @elonmusk @TuckerCarlson @libsoftiktok @benshapiro @MattWalshBlog @stillgray @piersmorgan @alx @JackPosobiec @Malcolm_fleX48 @carolinecwilder @OliLondonTV @RealSaavedra @josh_hammer

- Egard Watch Company (@EgardWatchCo) April 14, 2023

One can see by the list of people tagged that they are trying to get conservative attention with this ad and, like many of the really obnoxious woke commercials, you have no idea what product they are selling until the end. You barely even see a watch in the ad and we aren't even sure if we are seeing their watches.

But it is pretty powerful. If you take out the stuff about the watch company, you would have a solid political ad for any political campaign. Just add, 'I'm so-and-so and I approve of this message.'

Naturally, this got reactions:

Absolutely amazing. I never ever wear watches but damn I want one of yours!

- Oedolyn Dynol Benyw ðŸ´ó §ó ¢ó ·ó ¬ó ³ó ¿ðŸ§™ðŸ¼ ♀️♀️ (@LoriCymraeg) April 20, 2023

This is spectacular! Thank you for acknowledging that women exist, women count and women are being #erased.

- Belinda (@Cobeekat) April 20, 2023