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MrBeast Corrupting Millions Of Children To Transgenderism


Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is the largest individual creator on YouTube. His main channel has 144 million subscribers. His most popular video, a recreation of the Netflix hit "Squid Game," has amassed an astonishing 401 million views. He is admired for his generous charity work and trusted by millions of parents worldwide, who allow their children to watch his kid-focused videos that consist of pranks, over-the-top challenges, and reaction videos.

However, an emerging controversy involving one of his closest friends and longtime co-creator Chris Tyson - who has recently come out as being on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) - is threatening his brand. Millions of young children are being groomed into uncritically accepting transgenderism and trans activism at an impressionable age, unbeknown to many parents who allow them to watch MrBeast videos unsupervised.

Federalist Headline:

MrBeast is grooming an unsuspecting generation of children into uncritically accepting transgenderism at a vulnerable age.

.....................But the fun stopped six months ago. Chris started wearing nail polish in a video. He grew more and more effeminate, wore ladies' sweaters, grew out his hair, and manicured his nails. My children started noticing. My daughter commented on Chris' over pronounced hand gestures to show off his nails. Both she and my son began talking about it. My son said, "He's acting weird." My daughter said, "He wants everyone to see his nails and hair. He keeps showing them off. He drops things on purpose just so he can pick them up with his nails."...........................