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Leftist Mobs and Legislators Continue Violent Takeovers of State Capitols in Florida

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate told supporters in Washington and on social media: "These insurrectionist methods of disrupting state capitols continue. Pro-transgender rioters attacking Christians and our values have been the new violent weapon of the extremist movement supporting the murder of Christians. We oppose the interference by violent rioters in the state legislative process," said Delgaudio.

Western Journal reports

Another day, another mob behaving badly at a state capitol - something would pass as a "threat to democracy" if the demonstrators were conservative.

But, no - they were leftist, because of course they were.

On Thursday, lawmakers were hit with paper thrown by activists in the gallery of the statehouse in Tallahassee, Florida, where the Republican-controlled House of Representatives was voting on a bill that would ban abortion after six weeks.

Both houses of the Florida Legislature approved the "Heartbeat Protection Act" on Thursday, and Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the legislation late Thursday night.

Twitter Video on Disrupters Throwing Paper and Objects at Legislators

That was the scene in the House chambers during the debate; paper being thrown at legislators led to a call to clear the gallery.

Further footage reportedly showed three Democrat lawmakers leading the mob:

Twitter Video Number 2 Democrat Legislators Leading Disrupters causing recess in the Florida Legislature

Floridian Press reports:

Progressive abortion activists disrupted the 6-week heartbeat bill debate in the Florida House of Representatives on Thursday, throwing propaganda onto the floor of the chamber from the gallery where they were sitting.

Moments after Florida Capitol Police cleared the chamber, the activists began to chant their disapproval of the legislative measure, continuing to toss literature and beverage coasters onto the floor of the Capitol rotunda.

After a self-imposed "water break," the activists, who were part of Occupy Tallahassee, left the building.

Video: Major Media Glosses Over Disruptions in Florida