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Public Advocate Warned Nation about Threat of Violence from Gay Lobby

Permission granted in advance to quote in whole or in part.
For Immediate Release March 29, 2023 2PM EST
Phone 703-845-1808

In a national message to supporters, Public Advocate of the US, Inc. president Eugene Delgaudio said (in part):

"A hate-filled zealot attacked a Tennessee Christian school she once attended.

Audrey Hale, a 28 year-old woman, claimed to be "transgender."

And her attack on the school appears to be an act of vengeance against the school.

What makes this worse, is that the nationally organized event "Trans Day of Vengeance" is just days away.

While the police have yet to make an official statement on motive, the connection is inescapable.

The Homosexual Lobby called for a "Trans Day of Vengeance," and Audrey Hale has committed a "trans act of vengeance."

And now three young children and three adults from Covenant School are dead.

The Radical Left and the Homosexual Lobby used the language of violence, and violence is what they created.

The blood from Covenant is on the hands of the organizers, promoters and supporters of the "Trans Day of Vengeance" -- as much as it's on Hale's.

Just ten days ago I sent out a national email warning about this "Day of Vengeance" and calling on authorities to take it seriously.

Policing violence is not Public Advocate's area of expertise, but holding the Homosexual Lobby and their allies accountable for the violence they inspire is,"
Delgaudio said.