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Victory: Iowa Bans Horrific Transgender Butchers - Governor expected to sign

Iowa lawmakers quickly passed three bills related to gay and transgender rights, culminating with a measure to ban gender-affirming care for transgender youth that is awaiting Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds's signature.............

The Liberal Washington Post reports:

During last year's midterm elections, Iowa bucked the national trend and delivered a commanding victory for Republicans - reelecting Reynolds, flipping the one remaining House seat held by Democrats, winning all statewide offices save one and widening GOP majorities in both the state House and Senate.

.............Reynolds, who was reelected to her second full term in November with Trump's endorsement, has helped drive the state's rightward tilt, shifting to focus on culture-war issues, gun rights and limits on abortion access. Critics accuse her of using her agenda to burnish her conservative credentials for the national stage in 2024, although she has so far said she has no intention of leaving Iowa.

At a February appearance at a raucous town hall co-sponsored by Moms for Liberty - the Florida-based group that has campaigned for book bans across the country - Reynolds celebrated her school choice victory and portrayed herself both as a grandma of 11 and a warrior against the "radical left."

"They think patriotism is racist and pornographic library books are education," Reynolds said, speaking over shouting protesters and supporters chanting "U.S.A., U.S.A." "They believe that the content of our character is less important than the color of our skin. They believe that children should be encouraged to pick their gender and the parents, well, they're just in the way."