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Victory: Kentucky Passes Passes Big Ban On Child Transgender Mutilation and more!

Eugene Delgaudio said to supporters: "Kentucky has passed a super bill banning surgeries and propaganda and is the best in the nation for preserving childrens innocence. It is expected to be vetoed by the transgender supporter Governor, but super majorities are also expected to override the veto in Kentucky."


"....(A) Republican majority passed a sweeping anti-trans bill in a 30-7 vote on Thursday.

GOP lawmakers passed an amended version of Senate Bill 150, which originally required schools to use a student's pronouns based on their biological sex.

If a transgender student wanted to use pronouns opposite to their biological sex, the school must notify their parents beforehand.

The amended bill included language from another anti-LGBTQ+ bill, House Bill 470, which bans gender-affirming care for trans youth.

Here's what the amended version of the bill includes:

  • School districts must create explicit bathroom policies
  • Bans gender-affirming care for anyone under the age of 18, including surgical and non-surgical procedures like puberty blockers
  • Schools can't discuss sexual orientation or gender identity with students regardless of age
  • If healthcare providers provide gender-affirming care to minors their licenses will be revoked
  • The school district would notify parents of any mental health services relating to human sexuality

".....the full House..... debated for hours before finally passing and being sent back to the Senate for concurrence.

A Republican majority in the Senate passed the controversial legislation, it now heads to Governor Andy Beshear's desk where he is expected to veto the bill, " WHAS 11 reported.

Associated Press reports:

Republican lawmakers in Kentucky passed a measure Thursday to ban gender-affirming care for transgender minors, completing whirlwind voting on a repackaged proposal that triggered outrage and tears among opponents unable to stop the sweeping policymaking on a culture wars issue.

Supporters of the proposal - which affects how gender is discussed in schools - beat a Thursday deadline to retain their power to override an expected gubernatorial veto.

GOP supermajorities in the House and Senate overwhelmingly passed the bill, a day after a slimmed-down version had stalled in the Senate and seemingly left the issue in limbo. A cascade of shouting erupted from some bill opponents in the Senate gallery after the measure won final passage.

The bill's foes denounced the fast-track maneuvering and the expanded measure's consequences for trans youths.....................

Republican House Speaker Pro Tempore David Meade, in presenting the revived bill in committee, said: "Our job is to protect children, and that's what we're doing here."

"Surgery or drugs that completely alter their life, and alter their body, is not something we should be allowing until they are adults," Meade said later during the House debate.

PHOTO CREDIT House Speaker Pro Tempore David Meade, Twitter