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San Francisco Teacher Sparks Outrage With Pro-child abuse online messages

"These posts online by teacher Zara Degeneres, is a disgusting example of the pro-pedophilia propaganda push by groomers and perverts," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Florida Jolt online reports:

A San Francisco Bay area teacher went viral on Twitter last weekend after posting a lengthy thread arguing that sex between a child and an adult is not "intrinsically harmful." Zara Degeneres, a self-described "pagan witch," faced widespread condemnation from parents.

According to her LinkedIn page, she specializes in "teaching sex-positive values to middle and high school students through sex education.

On Friday, Degeneres wrote,

"Sometimes in education, a student hits you with what can only be described as a 'curveball.' In my case, as a provider of consent-awareness and sex-positivity-oriented courses, I often find myself getting pulled towards some rather tricky and politically fractious subjects."

According to Degeneres, those "tricky and politically fractious subjects" include the age of consent laws.

"A reply I often hear when explaining the topic of sexual relations among minors and between minors and adults, is 'how is it abuse if I wanted it?'" she wrote.

She argued that child-adult sex is only "inappropriate" because of outdated Christian morals. According to the "sex educator," children are only harmed because of the guilt and shame imposed by "highly religious parents." Degeneres said she believes that children are fully capable of consenting to sex with adults.

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