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Leftist Media Angry: Anti-Pornography Law Suit Successful So Far In Defending Victims

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate reacted to leftist media fears that pornography producing companies are losing in the courts. "Netflix, Daily Beast, Yahoo, Drudge and other major left of center media outlets seem to be concerned that an on-going court suit could outright restrict companies like Porn Hub from publishing illegal porn and protect young victims of the porn industry."

Yahoo News posted March 10 a critical review from 2021 in the leftist Daily Beast worrying that their pro-pornography friends in the porn industry are being crushed with a fear-filled headline: "How Pornhub Became Public Enemy Number One for Christian Crusaders"

Yahoo/Daily Beast posts "Netflix tries to steal back some eyeballs from one of its biggest online video-streaming competitors with Money Shot: The Pornhub Story, a documentary about the creation and travails of the internet's pre-eminent X-rated emporium."

Delgaudio says "After a lengthy propaganda push on the "glorious" history of the moral destruction waged by Porn Hub, Yahoo/Daily Beast worries that anti-porn forces are fighting back today:

Daily Beast: "Trouble, however, was brewing, and it finally peaked when activist Laila Mickelwait launched #Traffickinghub, an online campaign intended to shed light on the fact that Pornhub was home to countless videos of minors. Mickelwait made so much noise that she attracted the attention of The New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, who was horrified by what he found (and was shown) on Pornhub. In response, he penned a headline-making story (The Children of Pornhub) about one of its many victims: Serena K. Fleites, an eighth-grader whose private nude videos (shot when she was 14) became a persistent mainstay on the site, meaning Pornhub made money off them through ads. Kristof suggested a trio of solutions to this problem: only let verified users upload; prohibit downloads; and expand moderation. Once Mastercard and Visa severed ties with them, Pornhub relented on all three."

Beast's review of Netflix's video homage to pornography lists another legal opponent:

".........The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), formerly known as Morality in Media-are crusaders concerned about sex trafficking, or evangelical Christian moralists intent on eradicating the industry altogether. Meanwhile, it (Netflix video) also details a civil lawsuit filed on behalf of 30 women by lawyer Michael Bowe that dubs Pornhub a "Sopranos-style" "criminal enterprise," and which he says is committed to incentivizing the industry to clean up its act.

Delgaudio said "Previously Daily Beast, the pro-porn organ, complained about an impact of an anti-child porn expose in the New York Times that caused Porn Hub to lose its credit card access for its subscribers."

The Daily Beast, 2021:
Headline "Following a Nicholas Kristof Times expos�, Pornhub removed millions of videos."

"Pornhub, one of the largest porn distribution platforms in the world, announced that it would remove all content submitted by unverified users-effectively disappearing some 10.6 million videos in a single day. Over the weekend, the MindGeek subsidiary hosted a library of 13.5 million videos. By Tuesday morning, that number had dwindled to just 2.9 million.

The overhaul came after a controversial opinion piece earlier this month from New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. The column, titled "The Children of Pornhub," highlighted several victims of statutory rape and their experiences with the platform, calling for "search engines, banks or credit card companies" to demonetize it. The article prompted Mastercard and Visa to investigate Pornhub for illegal material, and subsequently to cut ties with it, along with MindGeek's other properties including Brazzers, Redtube and XTube......"

Delgaudio said: There has been recent recognition for progress to prevent more victims of the Porn Industry in the successful law suit from Human Life International, and there post follows.

Human Life International wrote "A small, but potentially important, victory in a court case is drawing attention to the dark and violent side of the porn industry, and potentially preparing the legal framework to protect countless victims from being exploited.

A few days ago, a judge in California allowed a lawsuit to proceed against MindGeek (the owner of Pornhub, and numerous other popular porn websites) as well as Visa. The lawsuit accuses MindGeek and Visa of profiting off child pornography.

In response to the judge's decision, Visa and Mastercard promptly announced that they would temporarily suspend processing payments for advertising purchases on Pornhub, the world's largest pornography website, thus removing one of MindGeek's most-significant sources of income."

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