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Eugene Delgaudio: Tucker Carlson destroys Democrat lies

UPDATED 10:25 pm March 9 2023

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, sent a nationwide online message to supporters today Thursday, March 9 at 2 PM am EST and said in part:

"They are afraid that Public Advocate and Tucker Carlson are going to expose the truth of their plot.

And they are desperate to silence us as fast as they can.

I am talking about Tucker Carlson's explosive expose of the "January 6" tapes that Sen. Schumer, Sen. McConnell and former-Speaker Pelosi have suppressed for so long. Carlson convinced the new Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy to finally release the full footage of that infamous day.

Speaker McCarthy has defended the release of these tapes on the grounds that the American people deserve transparency.

Chuck Schumer was so terrified of the release of these tapes that he went on the air and demanded that the owner of Fox News stop the airing of Carlson's segment just hours later. Again and again in a press conference, Schumer slammed Tucker Carlson as a liar and threat to American Democracy.

He called McCarthy "an accomplice" -- as if a crime had been committed by letting the press have access to the 41,000 hours of footage from that day.

Here's one political cartoon that sums this up pretty neatly.

Schumer has good reason to be afraid of Tucker and these tapes.

The video footage that has been newly released has completely destroyed the narrative that Schumer and Pelosi created around the "Jan 6 Insurrection." Far from a violent insurrection, the video shows most of the people involved in the activity at the Capitol acted perfectly law abiding.

There is footage of the police opening doors and giving tours to the very same people who have been rotting in jail for years. Invited in -- not trespassing.

This footage has been successfully suppressed until now by established leaders in both parties.

Even Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has called for Tucker Carlson to be censored.

But McConnell slipped up in his statement. He admitted that he and many other Senators made up their minds about January 6 before they ever investigated it.

Clearly, they rejected any evidence that they didn't like. Even the Department of Justice knew all about it.

Most disturbing, this means that all the investigations and trials around this day suppressed this evidence and perverted justice.

Now let me be clear.

I do want people prosecuted if they were actually committing violence or vandalism that day.

But the newly released video shows that that was not the case for most of the prisoners - including some who have already been convicted. Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi have desperately painted President Trump and his supporters as deranged insurrectionists responsible for attempting to "destroy democracy."

Yet the video tells the truth. For the most part it, it was calm, orderly and respectful.

Even the crazy "shaman" guy with the buffalo head simply offered a prayer in the Senate chamber and thanked the police officers for their conduct.

The fact that the Department of Justice has suppressed evidence while prosecuting some of these peaceful protesters is just further proof of the corruption running rampant there.

Schumer and Pelosi need to be held accountable for their role in this. Instead, they are trying to crucify those that allowed the American people to see the evidence for themselves.

Schumer has outright accused Carlson and his staff of manipulating the video footage and lying to the American people.

But Tucker Carlson has stood his ground and fired back. The footage he has released is unaltered and honest.

"Those videos touch a nerve because they're a threat to the lies that Chuck Schumer has been telling for the last 26 months, and not just Chuck Schumer," said Carlson.

Sen. Schumer actually compared a free press to nothing more than "arsonists."

I was there with my staff when the radical Left rioted and actually committed arson at the White House, forcing President Trump to relocate for safety.

And it was the radical Left who just committed a terrorist attack on a Georgia police facility -- setting many fires.

An SPLC lawyer was even arrested for participating in this act of terrorism.

But the Democrats and the DOJ spent millions of man hours "investigating" a trumped-up insurrection instead.

This is why they claim they can't take any time to instigate the real criminals who terrorized the homes of six Supreme Court justices last spring over a pro-life decision.

The impeachment proceedings against President Trump were a complete sham, and so was the "Jan 6 Committee." Both were a massive distraction designed to deflect the attention of the country.

Peoples' lives have been destroyed as a result of Schumer's and Pelosi's coverup of evidence. We cannot allow them to silence Tucker Carlson on this issue or any other.

If you see any of his videos or social media posts, be sure to give them a thumbs-up or a like - let everyone watching know that he has your support.

And with your support, Public Advocate will continue to do our critical work to expose the corruption of the Biden Regime, Delgaudio wrote to his supporters.