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Freaks Protesting State Ban on Freaks in Public in Tennessee

"Leftist Media Screaming and Raving Worldwide about Pro-family advances in Tennessee," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate of the U.S..

Leftist Metro (United Kingdom) "reports":

"Tennessee is on track to become not only the first US state to ban drag shows but also the latest to ban healthcare for trans youth.

House Republicans passed joint anti-LGBTQ+ legislation yesterday which, if signed by the governor, would make Tennessee the first state to criminalise drag shows.

Plunging the southern state into the dark ages, Senate Bill 3 will prevent 'adult-oriented businesses' from operating within 1,000 feet of public property such as schools, parks or places of worship.

Legislators ensured this applies to LGBTQ+ events and spaces by banning drag performances, which they vaguely define as 'male or female impersonators'. "

Delgaudio says "Obscene public Freaks now promise to fight being stopped from being Freaks in public, which is crazy because they argue their obscenity is the American standard now."

Fox News Reports Drag Queens Vow To Fight

A Tennessee drag queen vowed to "fight for liberation," after state lawmakers passed a bill restricting drag performances in public or in front of children.

The proposed bill, HB0009, which passed in the Tennessee house with a 74-19 vote on Thursday, seeks to ban drag show performances on public property or in a place where the performance could be seen by a minor.

While it does not explicitly name drag shows, the legislation intends to prohibit "adult cabaret entertainment" that is "harmful to minors," including "male or female impersonators who provide entertainment that appeals to a prurient interest, or similar entertainers."

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