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Insane Mass Abuse: School-to-Scalpel Pipeline Massacres Thousands of Young Victims

Insane Mass Abuse: School-to-Scalpel Pipeline Massacres Thousands of Young Victims


Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate releases this statement Monday, February 26, 2023, 10 AM EST and gives permission to quote in part or in whole (Phone number 703-845-1808):

Delgaudio says:

Our efforts to expose child medical "gender transitioning" as criminally abusive are gaining momentum. A case manager for a children's "transgender" center in Missouri has just released a horrifying confession on what she directly observed while working there.

This letter -- equal parts confession and accusation -- confirms everything Public Advocate has known and warned about for years. Even though the case manager is a practicing homosexual herself, she became so disillusioned and disgusted with the child "trans" agenda she felt she had to speak out.

As case manager, Reed was the initial point of contact for any underage patient that came in seeking "gender-affirming care." Her letter confirms that in just the last few years, these patients have gone from just a few very young -- and almost exclusively boys -- to mostly teenage girls.

Reed noticed that often whole clusters of girls would come from the same high school -- confirming that the sudden interest in "transgender" was driven by peer pressure. At her center, all it took for these children to get started on the process was a letter from a therapist.

The center would send these kids to selected therapists who almost always endorsed the "trans" diagnosis. And just like that, the young girls were started on testosterone. In one grotesque story shared in this letter, a young girl did not realize that the testosterone she was taking was directly weakening her private parts. This caused her to sustain a serious injury during intercourse.

Quoting from the letter:

Being put on powerful doses of testosterone or estrogen-enough to try to trick your body into mimicking the opposite sex--affects the rest of the body. I doubt that any parent who's ever consented to give their kid testosterone (a lifelong treatment) knows that they're also possibly signing their kid up for blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, and perhaps sleep apnea and diabetes.......

Most of the girls seeking "gender-affirming" care had other serious mental issues, but the doctors always chose to ignore those issues and prescribe "gender transitioning" as a "cure-all."
Roughly a third of them were autistic. Yet the therapists and doctors only ever had one answer: "transgender."

A young man came into their center without any gender issues, but his mental illness pushed him to hurt himself. The doctor decided to "transition" anyways.

This is not healthcare.

This is not in the patient's interest.

This is a School-to-Scalpel Pipeline that only serves to ram as many kids as possible through the irreversible process as fast as they can.

The doctors in her center were not even interested in tracking the data on just how many diagnosed patients changed their minds.
Many just never followed through on the procedures, while many others tried to de-"transition" after the fact.

But all of them were officially diagnosed as "transgender" -- and apparently the doctors got it wrong there! You would think that the rate of false diagnoses would be very important to a practice, right?

This is why we need Rep. Greene's Protect Children's Innocence Act for our country, " Delgaudio said.

End of Statement