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Monster "Rachel" Levine Plots Surgery Abuse of Children for Profit in Email


Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate of the U.S. Inc. releases this statement Monday, February 26, 2023, 10 AM EST and gives permission to quote in part or in whole (Phone number 703-845-1808):

Delgaudio says

"Shocking details have just emerged about Dr. "Rachel" Levine.

Levine's aggressive support of the COVID measures - and his token status as "trans" - earned him a spot in the Biden Administration.

Appointed as assistant secretary for health, and even commissioned a four-star admiral in the Public Health Corps - Levine's real job is to push the radical "transgender" agenda on America.

But disgusting emails have just been uncovered from his time as the senior health official for the State of Pennsylvania that must be addressed by Congress.

In his official role for the state, Levine was consulted by a "transgender" clinic on how they could make more money off of operating on children!

In 2018, a pediatrician at the gender clinic of Penn State Hershey's Children's Hospital, Dr. Rollyn Ornstein, emailed Levine as the acting secretary of health for Pennsylvania, asking for advice.

Levine encouraged them to hire a social worker to help convince young kids that they are "transgender" and that they need destructive surgery.

The most common "gender-affirming" surgeries being performed on minors are mastectomies - removing the breasts of young girls to help them feel more masculine. Both doctors acknowledged that this would limit potential profits.

But the email discussion concluded that these efforts would eventually pay off once young kids turned 18, increasing the long-term Return-on-Investment.

What this actually means, is that the social worker would be committed to cementing the "trans" identity in young, vulnerable minds so that once they were old enough, they would follow through on genital mutilation.

Levine wrote back that the social worker would likely pay for themself. Meaning, this position would generate enough additional CHILDREN surgeries to pay for their salary.

That's all these young, confused children are to Levine: "potential revenue."

And this is the monster that is currently serving in a very high capacity in our nation's government as an expert on health," said Delgaudio.

PHOTO: Eugene Delgaudio assails transgender surgery as child abuse at Loudoun County School Board Administration Building in Leesburg, Virginia (2021)