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Pete Buttigieg is incompetent and needs to resign, says Ohio lawmaker

Fox News reports:

Ohio State Sen. Michael Rulli criticized Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg for his response to the East Palestine train derailment saying, "he has not even come close to being near ground Zero." The Republican also suggested on "The Faulkner Focus" that residents keep a health and environmental data journal" because the statements from public officials on air and water safety are "hard to believe."

STATE SEN. MICHAEL RULLI: I think the secretary of transportation needs to resign. I think Marco Rubio was point-on. I think his response to this is the last straw. He's already proven over the last two years that he's incompetent at this job. They call him Pothole Pete for a reason. He should not be in this position. He has not even come close to being near ground Zero. And he should be ashamed.

Photo Ohio Senator Rulli, Ohio Senate page