Defending the family

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150 Bills in 25 States to Protect Women in Sports, Reverse Attrocities of Trans Surgeries

Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate told supporters in an online message (in part)

"When Biden first came to power, I reached a critical decision for Public Advocate.

We would have to focus the majority of our efforts at the state level.

It would be up to governors and state legislatures to nullify the horrible edicts issued by Biden and Pelosi.

Last year, I refined this campaign into a three-point agenda - guiding state legislators to the issues that need their attention most.

And it was a resounding success!

2022 has gone down in history for generating the most pro-Family state legislature bills ever.

Dozens of critical bills were passed.

But we also kept an eye to the future - building on our wins and our losses for this year - same as we have always done," Delgaudio said in part.

New York Times protests and whines:

Over the past three years, Republican state lawmakers have put forward a barrage of bills to regulate the lives of transgender youths, restricting the sports teams they can play on, bathrooms they can use and medical care they can receive.

But even by those standards, the start of the 2023 legislative season stands out for the aggressiveness with which lawmakers are pushing into new territory.

The bills they have proposed - more than 150 in at least 25 states.

- include bans on transition care into young adulthood; restrictions on drag shows using definitions that could broadly encompass performances by transgender people; measures that would prevent teachers in many cases from using names or pronouns matching students' gender identities; and requirements that schools out transgender students to their parents,' whines the New York Times