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Jon Tigges and Public Advocate has just won a major legal battle in Virginia!

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate is praying thanks to God and to the legal team for the outcome of the wrongful arrest of Jon Tigges at the historic June 2020 parents protest that sparked a national movement. Delgaudio wrote his supporters today:

Public Advocate has just won a major legal battle in Virginia!

In June 2020, Public Advocate's own Jon Tigges made national news when he was arrested at the Loudoun County School Board meeting.

Characterized by the mainstream media as a riot by parents, the courts have just vindicated the parents who fought back against the out-of-control school board.

This particular school board meeting was already a flashpoint for concerned parents in Loudoun County.

The school board had announced their intentions to formalize the "transgender bathrooms" policy that was already de facto in effect.

This is the very same policy that allowed a young man to access the girls' bathrooms in two different schools to rape young girls.

At this meeting, the head of the school board was directly asked if there had ever been any recorded sexual assaults connected to "transgender" loopholes in bathroom usage.

Ziegler lied directly to the public - and the father of the first victim was there to speak out with the truth.

Parents were out in force to protest against the new school policy, and the school board felt that they were losing control of the situation.

Then Public Advocate's close friend and ally, Sen. Dick Black (ret.) stepped up to the podium to deliver a powerful address.

His words shook the room with such power, that the school board cut off his mic to silence him!

When the public roared back in protest, the school board declared the public meeting to be over.

However, this was not legal.

The school board did not have the power to unilaterally end a public meeting.

And Mr. Jon Tigges knew it.

That's when he stepped forward to peacefully organize the crowd to continue.

Even if the school board would not listen, these concerned parents were still going to speak their minds.

That's when the school board responded by sending in police to unlawfully try to disperse these parents.

Mr. Tigges peacefully asserted his right to continue the meeting - and was arrested for it.

And he's been fighting - with Public Advocate's ironclad support - to clear his name ever since.

Now the Virginia Supreme Court has just ruled: Not Guilty!

The court's ruling included two key points: that the School Board Chairman Ziegler did not have the power to clear the room during a public meeting - which is exactly what Jon and Public Advocate have said the entire time.

And the court ruled that Jon Tigges acted in good faith to uphold his First Amendment rights - he was not just trying to cause trouble.

As I reported to you before the year ended, Ziegler has been dismissed from the school board and is facing serious criminal charges as the result of a grand jury inquiry.

This particular school board meeting was the spark that set off a nation-wide protest by concerned parents against radical school boards.

The Public Advocate led wave of protests were so effective that Biden was forced to illegally collude with the FBI against parents.

And you can be sure that we will be demanding that the new Congress opens up a proper investigation into that.

But for now, I want to congratulate Jon Tigges on clearing his name.

And I want to pass a long a big "Thank You" from Jon to you and all the Public Advocate supporters who helped aid his defense.