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He's Back! : Avenger Santa Claus Burns Washington Post for being on Naughty List

REPOST FROM 12-14-22

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio announced a strong reaction to the signing of a pro-pedophilia "Destruction of Marriage Act at the White House that included a Drag Queen quoted on twitter and other social media as seeking improper sexual actions with children.

See Video Here Avenger Santa Claus Burns Washington Post for being on Naughty List

Delgaudio said:

"Avenger Santa Claus is visiting locations that have the Washington Post and liberating the pro-pedophilia Washington Post.

The Washington Post, a mouthpiece for the Biden Administration, is on Santa Claus's Naughty List.

They celebrate grooming and push pedo propaganda on their pages today and previously.

Just weeks ago, the Washington Post published a rave review of the play "Downstate" -- which is about pedophiles suffering unfairly for their crimes.

the Washington Post is praising a play that says it's "wrong for pedophiles to suffer" for their crimes.

What about their victims?

Decreasing the criminal penalties on pedophilia is a significant step on the very slippery slope to de-criminalizing the act all together.

I am not going to let the Washington Post get away with this. That's why I called Avenger Santa Claus today, said Delgaudio.