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Va. Governor Youngkin "Democrats Want to Put Parents In Jail If they Refuse To Give Up Their Child "

WJLA TV News reports:

Governor Glenn Youngkin responds to bill to charge parents who refuse to affirm sex surgies of their child, with felonies, jail time and permanent records of "child abuse" on their employment records.

"My first reaction is this is exactly what the progressive liberal Democrats believe and she just spoke transparently what she thinks should happen," Gov. Youngkin told 7News on Tuesday. "And, oh, by the way, this is the exact revelation that happened last year in my campaign when Terry McAuliffe clearly articulated again, that they believe parents shouldn't be dictating what's taught in schools. And this, this is what they believe. So there's no mistakes here. It is transparency. I also think this is why Virginians, not Republicans, but Virginians, stood up so strongly last year and rejected trying to put bureaucrats and politicians between parents and their children. And I think Virginians are going to continue to deliver the exact same message this November."

Youngkin said:

What we saw is a clear statement of what the progressive liberals believe. They believe if parents try to be parents they should be investigated."

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"And she [Del. Guzman], in fact, spoke their [Democrats] truth. And now they're trying to walk it back. This is transparency from the progressive liberal Democrats of what they believe. And now they're trying to walk it back because they don't want anybody to know that yet. What we know is that parents matter in Virginia, what we know is that parents across the political spectrum spoke loudly last year and they're speaking loudly again now. Parents must have the primary role in their children's lives. That's their education. That's their health. That's their upbringing. That's their well-being. And this is why I believe that we have such momentum for so many of the things that we're doing but on top of that, why I think in November, again, voters, not just Republicans, but voters are gonna stand up and send a very clear message."