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U.S. Army's First Openly Transgender Officer Indicted for Trying to Give U.S. Military Medical Info to Russia

Townhall Reports:

The Army's first openly transgender officer was indicted this week on charges of trying to give American service members medical information to the Russian government.

A federal grand jury in Baltimore indicted the officer, Maj. Jamie Lee Henry, and Henry's wife, Anna Gabrielan, who is a Johns Hopkins anesthesiologist, on counts of conspiracy and wrongful disclosure of individually identifiable health information (IIHI), court documents show.

According to court documents, Henry and Gabrielan were approached by an undercover FBI agent posing as a Russian diplomat. Gabrielan asked the agent if she was from the Russian Embassy, and the agent said she was. Gabrielan offered the undercover agent medical information from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. The Department of Justice noted that Fort Bragg houses the Army's XVIII Airborne Corps, headquarters of the United States Army Special Operations Command, and the Womack Army Medical Center.

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