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All-American swimmer who raced Lia Thomas says Rand Paul 'stood up for me'

Fox News Reports:

The All-American swimmer who became an outspoken advocate for women's athletics after competing against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is supporting Sen. Rand Paul's re-election bid, and she says Paul is "not afraid to fight for fairness" in a new campaign ad.

"I trained from an early age, giving it my all to achieve my dream," Riley Gaines says in the 30-second ad. "And I accomplished it, becoming a 12-time All-American swimmer at the University of Kentucky. But for girls across America that dream is being taken away by men competing in women's sports. Sadly, few stood up for me."

"But Rand Paul is not afraid to fight for fairness for women and girls, and that's why I'm supporting him," she says.

The Kentucky Senator has been an outspoken critic of transgender athletes competing in sports corresponding with their gender identity. "I will always fight for fairness," Paul says in the ad.

Gaines told Fox News Digital in an interview that she thinks the Biden administration is "absolutely not pro-women" and is pursing "regressive" policies.

She said Paul's support "makes you a lot more confident as someone who is in this position to speak your mind. It means a lot to have someone in his position willing to do that for female athletes, willing to do that for people's daughters."

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Photo Credit Riley Gaines on Youtube