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Abuse and Debauchery: Teachers promote Pedophilia, Push Porn to First Grade

Laura Ingraham reports:
"it is a mindfield out there for parents."

Video Admission by Amber Parker:

Teacher Amber Parker in El Paso Texas to children in the classroom: "Don't be mean to Pedophiles. Don't Judge people who want to have sex with five year olds."

Laura Ingraham: "If you are devout Jewish, Muslim or Christian the left wants to persecute
anyone and call you hateful and teach your children to hate you."

In New Jersey, Second grades are being taught "gender identity". When parents are critical
of this they get attacked by the unions in advertisements told to shut up and move out of state.

Republicans in New Jersey are opposing the corruption of children.
But New Jersey Governor is pushing the gender corruption "immediately"
Tom Kean a candidate for Congress "gender identity by first grade exposure to pornography as young as second grade, parents are rightfully angry at this."

Wisconsin starts in pre-school (pre-school) with pro-transgender pornography in books "JAcobs New Dress", "My princess boy" and "Julian is a mermaid".

In Michigan, educators are pushing to idea that 3 to 5 year olds can determine their gender while they are potty training.

Idaho is pushing queering of educatoin and introduction of pornography and teaching of porn literacy
according to the broadcast by Laura Ingrahm, Fox News.

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