Defending the family

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TRANS WRECK, The Video the Left doesn't want you to watch

The hard-hitting documentary exposing the evils of the "transgender agenda" has just released a full trailer.

Trans Wreck is the true story of what the "transgender agenda" does to people -- the wreck it makes of their lives.

Click here to see the trailer.

I am proud to report that myself and several allies of Public Advocate were interviewed for the documentary -- including our close friend Sen. Dick Black.

Transgender" abuse can only continue as long as the Homosexual Lobby is able to cover up the consequences.

As long as they are able to silence THEIR VICTIMS.

Public Advocate does not fight because we hate the people who are confused.

We hate what is done to them.

We and our valiant allies are the only voice actually telling these poor confused people the truth.

They are the way God made them -- and no procedure or human affirmation can change that.

So please, click here to watch the trailer.

You can view the full film for a donation of 9 dollars or more at