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Clearly Unstable President Declares All Trump Supporters To be Threat to Country

"In a completely scripted speech that President Biden read to the nation from Independence Hall, the senile screamer clearly unloaded in his diapers and in a full tirade against all Trump supporters as an immediate danger and threat to the American "Democracy", " said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

"If the President wanted millions of Americans to feel wrongfully threatened, his written script that he read to the public did that as over a million people responded with "Hitler Pedo" on twitter in one hour, " said Delgaudio.

Michael Giere writes on the Bull Elephant

"And yet his words - not being his - are important. While he personally is unfit for office, those behind him who wrote the words are the true danger afoot in the land."

It's hard to know precisely what Mr. Biden was ranting about last night in Philadelphia or the results he intended to produce. There he was, framed in the doorway of our history, with two United States Marines in full dress uniform standing guard behind him. The nation's flag was center-hung.

He shamed the nation, its heritage, its war dead, and the document produced not fifty yards away behind the doors he used as a campaign prop.

Whatever else he did, he clearly smeared and convicted half of the American population and those who disagreed with his radical political positions not simply as opponents - but as the "enemy," and all that implies.

Hatred oozed from his words. He stood as a sad shell of a man who should be in pajamas sipping hot chocolate but instead was parroting the most rancid, vile words ever delivered by a man who holds the Office of the President. In truth, he's such an intellectually, spiritually, and ethically vacant man that he is unworthy of much ink.

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