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Why Moronic FBI Overreach with Raid on Trump Home and Melania's Wardrobe?

The Federalist reports: (in part)

Headline: "4 Possible Reasons the FBI Raided A former President"

Deep-State Cocoon Didn't Anticipate the Average American's Reaction

No matter the underlying purpose of the raid, one must wonder why none of the higher-ups in the FBI or the Department of Justice put the brakes on a search of the home of a former president of the United States - an event universally described as a modern crossing of the Rubicon.

How could the DOJ and FBI not anticipate the visceral reaction a broad swath of America would have to the Biden administration's DOJ initiating a raid against a former commander-in-chief and the Democrat's main political opponent? And how could government agents think securing a warrant would provide them cover?

(Crazy Reason 1)

Simply put, FBI headquarters couldn't anticipate any shock or horror over the search because none of the many FBI agents who were willing to speak up had any qualms about the move. Rather, with FBI headquarters systemically politicized, the decision-makers likely heard no dissenting opinions, and the echo of their own leftist right-think rendered them oblivious to how middle America would react to a search of the residence of the former president.

..........................To the extent the DOJ and FBI believed obtaining a search warrant from a federal judge would assuage the public's concerns and assure them of the righteousness of the search, they miscalculated there too..................

Spur Protests to Paint Trump Supporters as Violent Extremists
While the FBI likely did not anticipate outrage over the Mar-a-Lago raid emanating from the center and even the left, the bureau surely foresaw the move angering Trump supporters. ..............

Keep Trump from Office
Another reason floated to explain why the FBI took the extreme step of searching Mar-a-Lago finds its origins in a theory Democrat lawyer Marc Elias pushed soon after news of the raid broke, namely that under Section 2071 of the federal code, Trump could not run for office again if he had unlawfully concealed records he had retained after leaving office. ...................

Go Fishing
The final explanation for the FBI's thought process requires a tad of legal backdrop to follow. In order to search a home, absent limited exceptions, the government must obtain a search warrant based on a sworn application that establishes probable cause that the place to be searched contains contraband or evidence of a crime. ...................

In this case, it appears the FBI's basis for searching Trump's home rested on his supposed retention of classified documents. But if in searching for those documents, the FBI came across other documents it believes incriminate Trump in another supposed crime, the documents could be seized too. In other words, the FBI launched a fishing expedition at Trump's Florida home................

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