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Self Admitted Leftist Media Morons Never Heard of William Olson

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, says: "Leftist media morons at the New York Times who now discover a previously published legal memo from William Olson claim he is "little known" in their headline. What is "little known" is the depths of stupidity or lack of ability to read at the New York Times. Or even use Google,"

says Delgaudio.

First Exhibit : William Olson is on Muckrake.

William Olson is listed 73 times in Muckrake the journalists listing of published public articles available for free . It includes the article just discovered by the New York Times and another earth shattering legal memo. "Maybe they will read that other memo, on the election, 2 years from now," says Delgaudio.

2nd Exhibit:

William lists this bio on the 73 posts and his website:

"William J. Olson held three positions during the Reagan administration and his law firm focuses on constitutional law and defending against government excess. He has filed nearly 250 amicus curiae briefs in federal and state courts."

Delgaudio says: "If you want to claim he just wrote one memo, that would be false, as he has filed 250 Amicus briefs and at least 60 of them are Public Advocate briefs before the Supreme Court and are all available at the Supreme Court website under "William Olson"."