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Woke Bed Bath and Beyond earns BANKRUPTCY SOON

Liberty Daily says

Within months after dropping MyPillow products from their stores, Bed Bath & Beyond is in a fiscal freefall. They have now fired their CEO and are turning off air conditioners in retail stores across the country in an effort to save money.

Chances are dropping MyPillow played less of a role in their current freefall than the fact that Bidenomics is tearing through retail stores like an Oklahoma tornado, but it's conspicuous that Bed Bath & Beyond seems to have been hit harder than less "woke" retailers. For transparency, we wholeheartedly support MyPillow, not just because they're one of our sponsors (promo code "TLD") but also because they're an America First company led by an America First patriot, Mike Lindell.

According to Yahoo:

Bed Bath & Beyond is giving its turnaround CEO the boot after delivering anything but a turnaround. The struggling retailer said Wednesday CEO Mark Tritton is leaving the company and the board, effective immediately. Board member and retail veteran Sue Gove is taking over the retailer on an interim basis.

Bed Bath & Beyond declined to make Gove available to Yahoo Finance for an interview. The decision to remove Tritton - who was brought in back in 2019 after a very successful operation stint at Target (TGT) - comes after another disastrous quarter for the company.

Bed Bath saw same-store sales crash 27% at its namesake brand as shoppers pulled back on discretionary purchases while also shunning a more upscale push with fewer coupons at the company. Adjusted operating profits came in at a loss $224 million........

Wokeness is a disease that doesn't just keep leftist snowflakes oblivious to reality. It harms businesses who think they can get by after alienating half of the country. Bed Bath & Beyond is the latest victim of their own idiocy, REPORTS Liberty Daily.