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NEW TIME 4 PM: Mastermind of Insurrection Stephen Colbert Denies Serious Allegations, Police Dog Duke Supoenas All Camera Film


Next News Conference Scheduled today June 22, 2022, 4 PM EST

Second News Conference will be hosted by Sgt. Duke of the Federal Police Dog force Duke announced his appointment by the President in cooperation with other law enforcement authorities to investigate all aspects of the recent insurrection by the Leftist Attack Dog (puppet) and his accomplices in the June 16 assault who were all arrested in the act of unlawful entry.

Date of News Conference: Wednesday June 22, 4 pm (NEW TIME)


Draft Statement of Sgt. Duke, Top Dog (Puppet) at the "Federal Police Dog Force".

Permission granted in advance to quote in full or in part
Public Advocate
Updated June 22, 2022 11:30 AM EST
email: [email protected]


Sgt. Duke is a puppet operated by Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Sgt. Duke in his next news conference will "say" today, Wednesday, June 22, 2022:

So-called comedian Stephen Colbert seems to further implicate himself by his grandiose and many false statements in Monday night June 20th broadcast.

See video here:


Colbert laughs off a charge of insurection by Tucker Carlson. He denies his attack dog puppet Triumph and 7 human accomplices were not at the Capitol, denies insurrection, the "unlawful disrupting the lawful actions of Congress and howling for the blood of elected leaders".

Colbert especially performs a fraud by claiming the "peaceful" team was no threat and that terming it an insurrection like the January 6 insurrection is a disservice to the police who had to confront the disrupters on January 6.

First off the investigation is just beginning and Stephen Colbert should be in taken into custody, questioned and then formally charged as the mastermind of the June 16 Leftist Attack (Puppet) Dog on the Capitol.

We represented at our first news conference that Stephen Colbert is the mastermind behind the wholesale assault and must be fully investigated. Colbert's admissions Monday night are obvious and his obfuscations and denials are sad attempts to obstruct justice and a lawful investigation.

The 7 executives and staff of the Colbert Insurrection Gang did have permission from members of Congress but had been expelled for attacking and threatening offices and staff of Kevin McCarthy and others. We need to hear details of those assaults but since this is an active criminal investigation, we will not get details yet. Colbert knows this or pretends this did not happen.

After these assaults and complaints, the 7 executives and staff of the Colbert Insurrection Gang were expelled and this same crew reportedly returned to the Longworth House office building.

Our examination of Colbert's public pleadings omit this. He is clearly feeling the heat of our investiations and we repeat that Stephen Colbert must be arrested and fully investigated as the kingpin we allege him to be and he is proving by his lies and misrepresentations.

To claim a puppet play is all they do is to deny the screaming threats routinely employed by the "comic" that Colbert directs. Any act

To claim the Longworth Congressional building is not part of the U.S. Capitol is to publicly lie as there is direct access to the U.S. Capitol from all Congressional buildings and an attack on any Congressional building is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Capitol Police.

This is a partial list of the questions and issues that must be fully investigated:

All film taken on all cameras, personal and corporate cameras on the site of the Capitol owned by the Stephen Colbert organization or affiliated contractors must be held as evidence and fully examined as soon as possible.

Video camera footage of all security cameras in Congress and the U.S. Capitol involving the Stephen Colbert Insurrection Gang.

All electronic pings on all cell phones associated with the Stephen Colbert Insurrection Gang and Stephen Colbert himself.

Adam Schiff's role in the attacks on his fellow Congressmen has to be investigated. Responses from Republican victims must be formally investigated.

There must be a social media audit of all Colbert staff and Colbert himself and Congressional staff and Congressmen involved in the insurrection.

All groups informed and involved with this insurrection. All transcripts of all texts to and from Stephen Colbert. All access cards or codes used to gain entrance to establish prior effort to prepare for insurrection. All coded text messages using the key words "director" or "producer" or "Triumph" handler to uncover the suspect mastermind Stephen Colbert.

In conclusion, I know what an insurrection when I see it and a shifty evil mastermind," says Sgt. Duke the police puppet dog as voiced by Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Photo credit Stephen Colbert on youtube