Defending the family

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Finally, SF (San Francisco) voters had enough of the car break-ins, the open-air drug-dealing, the shoplifting and disposed of their hard-Left DA like a used condom in the Tenderloin District.

It was a long time coming, his stance on crime was softer than Kevin Spacey at a Girl Scout Jamboree.

The message is clear. If you're going to have someone in charge of prosecuting crimes, maybe don't make it a progressive former public defender who's also the son of a terrorist..................

t's like putting one of Bin Laden's kids in charge of the T.S.A.

Boudin, or whatever his name is, is the son of Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, who were getaway drivers for the 1981 Brink's armored car robbery, in which two cops, Edward O'Grady and Waverly "Chipper" Brown, and the Brink's guard Peter Paige were murdered by their accomplices.

No wonder Boudin has a soft spot for violent thugs, perhaps they reminded him of dear old mom.......

So no wonder the recall was supported by 60% of the voters in early returns. Even the crazy street-poopers said, "This guy's got to go, so do we." ................

So is the recall election a good sign that voters are finally done with these perverse, progressive experiments that turn the criminal justice system into a catch-and-release program for violent creeps?

I mean, this is SF, where they call anyone to the Right of Che Guevara a fascist. Who's next? George Gascon, we hope. You know, the LA, the DA, whose killers are getting tattoos of, which I think is not a good sign.

Perhaps New York's DA Alvin Bragg, who makes DA stand for, "dumb---," at least when it comes to fighting crime. .....................

The radical change they pushed, ending cash bail, no longer prosecuting crime, reducing sentences, ended up creating more crime and more misery for everyone else, especially minorities.

So whose system ended up as more racist? It's the one who believed minorities would have a higher tolerance for mayhem.

So maybe the tide is turning and not just in the City by the Bay. Hopefully now the streets might get safer, not just from dangerous criminals, but also dangerous DAs.

Greg Gutfeld On Fox Youtube post here: