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Public Advocate Online Support Grows in 3rd Annual LMNOP month

For Immediate Release: May 26 2022

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Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, wrote his supporters today in a national online electronic message that Public Advocate is reaching more supporters than ever before as the group approaches its 3rd year of promoting the month of June as a month devoted to LMNOP, Lifestyle of the Main Normal Ordinary People.

Delgaudio tells his nationwide audience:

"June has been christened a celebration of the Lifestyles of Mainstream, Normal, Ordinary People -- or LMNOP!

Last year for LMNOP Month, Public Advocate launched a massive nationwide boycott of select companies that were taking extreme measures to influence children over the Homosexual Agenda.

At the top of the list was the Disney Corporation -- who has decided to make the Homosexual Agenda their top priority in Florida. "

Delgaudio says today in a statement: "We took on Netflix and experienced our highest support online in 50 years of seeking direct response to our programs. We took on Disney and again received public support far beyond our normal experience. We have fought the transgender movement and sustained a nationwide battle in many states. Thank you to millions who responded. I promise to continue to work against impossible odds as we have for the past 3 years of the LMNOP celebration in June. Our tactics include creative political theater promoting pro-family leaders like Congressman Majorie Taylor Greene in Georgia who won her primary this week due in part to Public Advocate's defense of her unapologetically against the angry woke zombies that daily storm the private homes of our Supreme Court judges now," said Delgaudio.