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Happy Easter- He Is Risen

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate wrote his supporters nationwide. Delgaudio said in an online e-mail and posted statement:

"On this Easter Sunday, I am especially grateful to be able to worship in person with fellow Christians.

These last two years have been tough on people of faith who saw their churches shut down, attacked, and pastors arrested for continuing the work God has called them to.

But the Lord sustains His people, and you and I are still here fighting to protect Religious Freedom.

The Radical Left unfortunately still controls the decision-makers in Washington, D.C.

They advocate for more restrictions on churches and people of faith.

And they desire to silence pastors who speak truth from the pulpit.

Truth like there are only two genders, which North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson bravely spoke from the pulpit at his church.

You see, the Left knows that if people of faith band together to stop the Homosexual Lobby's indoctrination of children at schools and complete control over the Big Tech Cartel, their grip on power would wane.

That's why I'm encouraged by the outpouring of support from pro-Family Americans like you who stand with me in fighting for our Religious Liberty.

I'm sure in those immediate days after Jesus' death on the cross, His followers lost hope.

But when He rose again on the sacred holiday we celebrate this Easter, hope sprang forward.

And Jesus' disciples didn't know that during those dark days, He was still sustaining them.

Well, I am glad that, despite the dark days of the past two years, the Lord has sustained us.

And as we continue to fight for Religious Liberty and push back against the radical agenda of the Homosexual Lobby, He will continue to do so.............

So, on this Easter, I hope you are able to celebrate our Savior with your family and worship the Lord with your local church. Amen.