Defending the family

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Will Arizona's governor betray voters?

In a message to Arizona supporters, Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate discussed the consideration of pro-family legislation protecting children being considered in Arizona.

Delgaudio said: (in part)

"At the start of the year, Public Advocate called on all state legislatures to create bills to address three critical areas.

Banning "transgender" male athletes from girls' teams and leagues was the first one.

The next most important issue was for state legislatures to purge explicitly pornographic material from grade school libraries and classroom curriculums.

Arizona's House Bill 2495 will do exactly that!

This bill has stalled in the legislature and needs your support to get it moving again, and across the governor's desk.

A third bill, this one against Gender Corruption Theory in classroom, has also been filed.

Senate Bill 1045 will ban any school employee or teacher from encouraging gender confusion and corruption.

And it will outlaw the common practice of school employees secretly transitioning a young student's gender without parents knowledge...............

Let your legislators know you support both HB2495 and SB1045 -- to protect young students from the radical Homosexual Agenda!

And then I need you to contact Governor Ducey and tell him the same thing.

We forced him to do the right thing once, now he has to do it twice more.

You can call him at 602-542-4331 and then Press #4, " Delgaudio said.