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Big Conservative Groups Betray Pro-family principles, embraces Motherless Marriage

Mark Dice is a conservative social media critic who famously lambasts Cable News Network and other liberal liars. Now he is exposing the betrayal of traditional marriage by major conservative groups, Prager U and The Blaze online.

Mark Dice says in an online video:

(The Blaze and Prague U )

have now gone mega woke -those on the supposed front lines of the culture war those who have denounced elementary school kids being indoctrinated with LGBTQ propaganda, those who have denounced teachers for coming out as gay to their students on Tik Tok those who claim to be fighting to preserve and protect the nuclear family are now congratulating you tuber Dave Rubin and his partner who he called his husband after they announced that the couple had just bought some woman's eggs at her fertility clinic and are renting two different women's wombs as surrogates and planted with the artificially inseminated eggs to grow their children who will thus be deprived of having a mother in their lives within hours after being born instead turned over to two gay men to raise as theirs ......( willingly depriving a child of a mother), " says Mark Dice.

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio says: "Thank you Mark Dice for documenting the warm and sickening embrace by many online social media accounts of others including the Blaze and Prager U which have had a disconnect with preserving one man one woman marriage and now moving on to support the end or abolition of women as mothers. This makes it harder but conservatives were abandoned before by pragmatists and moderates so here are presented several examples of public appeasement of the homosexual lobby for a realistic genuine conservative to take into account when going online," says Delgaudio.

Mark Dice Exposes Conservative Groups Betrayal of Traditional Marriage