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45th President Donald Trump: Support Truckers and Visit Them.

President Trump is expected to talk about the People's Convoy at his Florence, South Carolina rally Saturday March 11, 2022 or earlier.

The "Save America Rally" is set for March 12 at the Florence Regional Airport.

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio is sending a request to the 45th President, Donald Trump, to visit the Virginia and Maryland Speedways where Truckers are camped out to demand an end to the Biden Administration imposed vaccine mandates that attack Christian religious freedoms in America.

Delgaudio says:

"This week members of Congress and Senators visited with the People's Convoy and hosted them in Congress. Spokesman for the group have told the media they will continue this effort for the time being and conduct peaceful convoys daily around the Washington Beltway. Public Advocate supports them and we are publicly encouraging our supporters to go to overpasses every day in the Washington area to support them or join the daily convoy.

We ask our 45th President of the United States Donald Trump to support the Truckers peaceful enterprise and visit them soon. This will be a major media event that can not be ignored. The news media was ignoring the People's Convoy until they started visiting Congress in person and even the Washington Post and the Daily Beast are now reporting regularly with hourly reports on the local news services in Washington now for "traffic advisories".

We ask our 45th President to support the Truckers as he has commented favorably and consider visiting them out of a generosity of spirit that he has demonstrated countless times as President. Public Advocate wishes the current President Joe Biden to host and visit with the People's Convoy and maybe a visit from the truckers to the White House is on the Truckers and the current President's agenda too, " said Delgaudio.