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Useful Idiot Biden Likes: Communist China Develops A.I. "Prosecutor"

Breitbart Reports:

Chinese scientists have developed an artificial intelligence (A.I.) system that can examine "evidence" and charge people with "crimes," as defined by China's totalitarian parody of a Western justice system.

The developers claim the A.I. prosecutor is over 97 percent accurate when it files charges.

The South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Sunday reported the system was "built and tested by the Shanghai Pudong People's Procuratorate, the country's largest and busiest district prosecution office."

The project was managed by the "big data and knowledge management laboratory" at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which predicted the robo-prosecutor would reduce the workload of human prosecutors by handling routine cases, allowing them to "focus on more difficult tasks."

According to Chinese Academy of Sciences development team leader Shi Yong, the new A.I. system can go a step further by making decisions based on its data and filing charges automatically, without human intervention................

Photo Credit for Parody Purposes and Use only. Judge Dredd comparison.