Defending the family

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Public Advocate's Hero Jon Tigges Sets Up Legal Defense Fund for Brave Dad Scott Smith

Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate responded to the recent news reporting and the setting up of a legal defense fund for Scott Smith.

Delgaudio said:

Scott Smith has been under attack the moment he stepped forward to properly report the rape of his daughter. Police cars turned out for him at the school where his daughter was attacked, not to investigate the accused serial rapist but to respond to complaints about the father of the rape victim wanting it reported to the police. Smith never shut up and was arrested for once again for the "crime" of simply seeking to record the crime in the public record at a public hearing. Police arrested him at the instructions of the School board who ignored his earlier reports and passed a policy that allowed for a serial rapist to attack another victim.

Last week Scott Smith's entire horrible nightmare was revealed in giant expose in the Daily Wire, and many other major conservative and mainstream news media websites worldwide.

Public Advocate's national field director Jon Tigges, himself arrested at the same school board meeting and who Public Advocate has long defended in legal support, set up the GO FUND ME ACCOUNT for Scott Smith and it has raised 67,000 dollars for the legal expenses.

We salute Jon Tigges for setting up this effort and Scott Smith for persisting under a massive media assault including the insane allegation that merely walking into a public meeting to report a violent rape and to prevent future violent rapes makes you a target for the Biden Administration," said Delgaudio.

Public Advocate Photo Below: Eugene Delgaudio interviews Jon Tigges with Senator Richard Black on the right.