Defending the family

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Hero Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Stands Like Giant Over Filthy Pervert Joe Biden and the Pervert Lobby

Eugene Delgaudio president of Public Advocate responds to the assault on North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson conducted by the liberal media, the White House and many leftist groups over his remarks against child molesting porn being pushed to children:

"Public Advocate has warned for years about the obscene explicit porn directed at children by the so-called homosexual lobby and now the transgender lobby. This filth is condemned by all normal moral people of every religion and pro-family values. The school systems, public libraries and major media and corporate social media are filled with obscene propaganda directed at children. Finding it is no longer hard to. We salute Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson as a hero to going to church and stating a deeply profound truth to his fellow God believing constituents in North Carolina," said Delgaudio.