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Nebraska Attorney General Takes Action after parents report creepy teachers in 214 schools push Gender Corruption to children

Parents have to learn they are being undercut by their school boards on teaching moral values through mandating gender corruption theory school distict wide in 214 schools in several districts in Nebraska.

Omaha World Herald Reports:

Publicly declaring one's chosen gender pronouns has become a trend in some business correspondence and social media profiles.

Volunteering one's pronouns is seen as a sign of sensitivity and solidarity with people of various gender identities, and also a way to avoid mistaken identity.

But should public school teachers ask children to reveal their identity?

Parents say that's happening in some Nebraska schools.

Parents of children attending the Papillion La Vista, Lincoln, Omaha, Hastings and Cozad districts told The World-Herald that teachers asked their children in middle and high school to indicate their choice of pronouns.

Several parents said this was done without them knowing or approving.

Officials with the Papillion La Vista Community Schools said teachers who asked for the pronouns did so because they wanted to make students of diverse gender identities feel welcome in class.

Not all teachers in Papillion La Vista did it, and there was not a districtwide directive for them to do it, spokeswoman Annette Eyman said.


Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson announced last week that Nebraska has joined 19 other states in suing the Biden administration over its interpretation of federal anti-discrimination laws as they apply to gender identity, including the use of pronouns.

Part of the states' complaint takes aim at a "fact sheet" put out by the U.S. Department of Education that suggests that if a student's classmates or teacher failed to use a student's chosen pronouns, that would be grounds for a federal discrimination investigation.

The Nebraska parents said asking kids their pronoun choice infringes on parental rights. They said asking that of a minor is suggestive and will cause greater anxiety and gender confusion among students, particularly those who were not previously questioning their gender.

A math or Spanish teacher who asks for pronouns, they said, doesn't necessarily have the credentials to counsel students on their gender choices.