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While World Burns: Biden White House Pushes Transgender Propaganda as Top Priority


The White House has enlisted "Gen Z" social media influencer Benny Drama in the push to get young Americans vaccinated, with a parody video of him parading around as Jen Psaki's "intern."

The comedic influencer, whose real name is Benito Skinner, uploaded a new video on TikTok and Instagram late Monday co-starring the White House press secretary.

The video, which was filmed around the White House, features Drama's "Kooper the Gen Z Intern" character wearing a white skirt and flashing his long nails.

It had been viewed more than 2.7 million times on TikTok and 850,000 times on Instagram as of Tuesday morning.

THIS is a Youtube post by Discover News of Benito Skinner which has additional sick pro-transgender propaganda from Benito channel.

Hat tip to Free Republic