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BBC: Incompetent Joe Biden Presiding Over Chaos in Afghanistan Disaster


It is simply dizzying the speed at which events are unfolding - earlier this week US officials were cautioning that it would be months before Kabul might fall. It's turned out to be days.

And now, for all the diplomatic window dressing, this is turning into a scramble by the Americans to get out.

Officials at the embassy were told to destroy sensitive documents, helicopters are ferrying staff to the airport. The Ambassador has left, the US flag lowered. And it's left the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, trying to put a brave face on events.

Arguments can be made about the US policy to pull out - there is a strong feeling that US involvement couldn't continue ad infinitum.
But the manner of the withdrawal has been hapless, with a mass of miscalculation, warnings ignored, and - critically - a wild over-estimation of the capability of the American-trained Afghan armed forces.

The policy may have been framed by Donald Trump when he was president, but Joe Biden owns this unfolding chaos.