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Nobody Believes Anthony Fauci Anymore

American Thinker's J. Robert Smith reports

Reuters reported on Monday that Anthony Fauci has made a declaration: Enough Americans have now been vaccinated to avoid lockdowns. Fauci made his pronouncement on ABC's "This Week."

But who with even a modest faculty for critical thinking believes Anthony Fauci?

That's Anthony Fauci, MD, who famously told us that masks don't work, and then told us, by God, wearing them is imperative. Fauci, a flip-flopper? Perish the thought.

So, make no mistake, if Fauci, a decades-long D.C. player, says that lockdowns are off the table, they're on the table -- at the White House and among congressional Democrats. Lockdowns are what Democrats want -- and not to protect anyone from the Delta variant. No, they want to reimpose lockdowns because they're a means of control, an expression of their power. These Democrats are variants, too, statist variants spawned by Marxist creed. Mark Levin has a thing or two to say about that.

America has entered a Kafkaesque period. Lies are truths, wrongs are rights, and individuals who can't abide the zig-zagging that Fauci and his allies do routinely& who can't abide the brazen gaslighting and hypocrisies, who won't swallow the suspect science, and who have the nerve to call out all the falsity, are targets for cancellation, which is a form of control.

The American establishment is thoroughly debauched. The sweep of that debauchery is impressive. The rot is in our governments, news media, education institutions, sciences, arts and entertainment, corporations, sports& where corruption isn't is harder to identify.

We know that lockdowns are on Democrats' minds because they almost inevitably ape what statists do overseas.

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Photo Credit Anthony Fauci on Youtube