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Hunter Biden Art looks like hobo vomit!

Fox Mega Host Greg Gutfeld says:

Hunter Biden's painting looks like hobo vomit.

Gutfeld said (in part) "...........when your dad is a Democrat supported by the press, multiply that by a thousand and you have Hunter Biden. Fresh off tossing the N-word around like one of his empty crack pipes.

What does the media choose to focus on? His new life as a full time painter. I can't blame him. No one can say he isn't qualified to paint what looks like hobo vomit.

Now, they won't allow us to show the actual paintings. But trust me, it looks like hobo vomit. I live in New York. I know what hobo vomit looks like. It looks like Hunter Biden paintings. But I get the new occupation fully.

Paying a guy a fortune for a job he has no qualifications in is harder to explain than buying hobo vomit from a Chinese businessman. I don't think I'm going to say hobo vomit again. But rather than focus on that stuff, Artnet assesses him as a controversial figure who has been vilified by the right and uncomfortably ignored by the left which absolves him of any culpability. This is not about his crimes, the guns or drugs and strippers, the smears he made against others.

No, Hunter just wants to talk about the art. And Jeffrey Dahmer really preferred questions about his poetry. It really could rhyme. Because as Artnet says it's art and for Biden, everything is connected. Except of course his laptop. But that is the word, connected. Hunter is Joe's son connected to a lifelong Democrat who knows how to grease the wheels of influence and the tracks on his Acorn Stairlift, " Gutfeld said.

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