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Live Video: Delgaudio And Conservative Senator Dick Black Defend Jon Tigges, Arrested singing Star Spangled Banner


(Ashburn) Standing in front of the Loudoun County School Administration building in Loudoun County, Virginia, Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio, interviews two participants Thursday July 1 in the raucous June 22 Public Hearing that resulted in the arrest on trespassing charges for Jon Tigges.

Senator Dick Black is the dynamic speaker number 70 during the public testimony requested by the School Board and explains how he presented his case to the school board that they were operating outside the law and that they had been caught red handed by citizens in tracking them down and attacking them during two twenty minute segments.

Senator Black explains how things got to this point where racism is institutionalized and teachers are being ordered to lie to children in Loudoun county about gender and Godly values and throughout the nation. Regarding the disproportionate overreaction of the leftist school board, "the school board was intimidated by the peaceful passion of patriots who sang the Star Spangled Banner with enthusiasm."

Link to full video interview here includes first guest Senator Dick Black (37 minutes)

Conservative Leader Jon Tigges says:
"We spoke about education standards and the School Board was not interested and the School Board evacuated when parents applauded speakers who embraced high education standards. Then I sang with the whole crowd the Star Spangled Banner and started listening to each other and present our case in public even with the school board absent."

After 30 minutes of ad hoc orderly speeches by citizens in the public board room, the superintendent declared an unlawful assembly and Tigges knows from my weekly demonstrations at the Board of Supervisors that Virginia and Loudoun laws spell out exactly what an unlawful assembly is. A peaceful group of parents talking to each other is not unlawful. The superintendent is wrong and I decided to stand up for my rights in light of a clearly mistaken enforcement.

Link to full video interview includes 2nd guest Jon Tigges (37:00 minute mark)