Defending the family

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Wonder Woman And Public Advocate Name June LMNOP Month, Celebrates Juneteeth Day, Defends Humanity


Wonder Woman Beats Antifa Man

Public Advocate Names June LMNOP Month, Celebrates Juneteeth Day, Defends All Humanity

Not Real: Villain, Super hero, Uncle Sam

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio has taken back the month of June from the LBGQT crowd, renamed June LMNOP month and honors Juneteeth Day today.

Photo: Public Advocate's "Uncle Sam" and "Wonder Woman Majorie Taylor Greene" and "Antifa Man" pose with Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate at U.S. Marine Memorial today.


Delgaudio said: "The LMNOP movement reclaims the Month of June and celebrates one man woman biological reality with singing and dancing celebrations today and permitted performances in Washington throughout June and the entire summer at national monuments with special reverance for this Juneteenth federal holiday. Religious freedom is a key component of ending the current censorship and and abuse of all men and women by the woke liberal cancer culture aimed at us."

"Our LMNOP Celebration tour begins this week of Juneteenth Day Friday June 18 and goes through Labor Day. It includes songs, dancing and great performances by Wonder Woman Majorie Taylor Greene, portraying the conservative pro-family advocate Congresswoman standing with Uncle Sam our nation's symbol and beating back the cultural mob represented by evil Antifa Man," said Delgaudio.

The songs include LMNOP (Tune of Do Re Mi from the movie The Sound of Music), "Wonder Woman Taylor Greene" (Tune of popular TV Series Wonderwoman) and " #Family" (To the tune of This Is Me from the Greatest Showman movie).


Song 1 LMNOP: (Tune of Do Re Mi from Sound of Music)

Let's start with some basic facts
A very good place to start
America is made with LMNOP
A family begins with Mother and Father
Son and Daughter, Son and Daughter,
The first three letters just happen to be
L M N, L M N
Fam - a&
Let's see if I can make it easier
L the lifes-t-y-l-e
M, of M-a-i-nstream
N, of n-o-rmal
O, of ordinary
P, that's p-e-ople
So, that makes the fa-mi-ly
The, core of society
That will make us great again, oh oh oh (REPEAT on L)
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do, So Do


Wonder Woman Taylor Greene lyrics (From TV Series Wonder Woman)

Wonder Woman, Taylor Greene
All the world's waiting for you,
and the power you possess.

Caring for the Youth,
Fighting for the truth
And the old Red, White and Blue.

Wonder Woman, Taylor Greene
Now the world is ready for you,
and the wonders you can do.

Male and female facts,
Stop a bill in its tracks,
Make a liar tell the truth.

Wonder Woman,
Get us out from under, Taylor Greene
You're a great pro-family advocate.
And the good you demonstrate.

Stop the Leftist cold,
Make the Marxists fold,
Change their minds,
and change the world.

Wonder Woman, Taylor Greene.
Make the family great again

Song 3:

#Family: (To the tune of This Is Me from movie Greatest Showman)
We're not afraid to speak the truth
We have God, and faith
Cause these false genders are not you

We will Stand for what we know is right
Stand fast, and fight
And we will love you as you are

But we won't let them break the family down
Man, Woman, marriage is for us
For we are Glorious

When the sharpest hate wanna shut us down
I'm gonna stand for good, ain't gonna let it drown
We are Brave, We are true
We're who God meant us to be, Fa-mi-ly
Look out 'cause here we come
LMNOP is the beat we Drum
We're not scared to be heard
We make no apologies, Fa-mi-ly


Mother, Father, Son and Daughter
And, we are here today, we won't let them take it away
We're Bursting through this woke society and Reaching for the sun (we are Family)
Yeah, that is who we are (yeah, that's what we've become)

We Live the Lifestyle of Mainstream
Nor-mal Or-din-ary People
For we are Glorious
And the unborn deserve your love
Your Extreme Hate, We're not worthy of


"Public Advocate is proud to declare June as LMNOP+ Month in support of real traditional Family values. We are here at the Iwo Jima Monument.

This monument is a reminder of the heroes who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We are dressed in patriotic colors today to honor those heroes and take pride in the American family! Just like the heroes at the battle of Iwo Jima, we will take a stand! Why&because the radical Homosexual Lobby has tried to claim an entire month of June to celebrate their perverse political agenda and disgusting propaganda directed at children.

We are Singing today 3 songs in honor of the Family. For When the sharpest hate wanna shut us down, We are gonna stand for good, ain't gonna let it drown,
We are Brave, We are true, We're who God meant us to be, Fa-mi-ly!!!

Let's hear the first of the 3 songs: Titled LMNOP to the tune of Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music, explaining the LMNOP community.
(Sing LMNOP here)

A current day HERO we give tribute to and thanks today, is Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is our Current day Wonder Woman defending the family and speaking the truth in the halls of Congress. Let's hear her song:
(Sing Wonder Woman here)

Thank you Congresswoman Greene!
It is a real fight for the Family, for Today it is a SHAME that major corporations are embracing this perverse LGBTQ agenda & helping the homosexual indoctrination of our children!

They confuse our children about gender, that homosexual "marriages" are perfectly normal, and destroy the importance of the family!

But no more! We declared that pro-Family Americans would never surrender to the celebration of a dangerous, anti-Christian ideology!

We have put the disorder of the "LGBTQ+" label, back in order to the LMNOP+ brand!

Public Advocate is reaching millions here today and online with celebration of the LMNOP community, that is the Lifestyles of Mainstream, Normal, Ordinary People +.

And even better, we are RECLAIMING the rainbow as a Christian symbol! See our flag here!

Godly values must be respected and we stand with those that like Tanner Cross stated, who would never refer a child to trans-surgery knowing that there is only two genders, man and woman.
It's time we started making hard choices about what we will tolerate.

Do you want your kid's breakfast cereal teaching them to hate their gender?

Do you want your kid to watch a cartoon that's all about two men having sexual relations?

That's why, as president of Public Advocate, I am calling you to help defend the FAMILY from these vicious lies!

We will not tolerate the abuse on our children & we will protect the family from the Villans .

The 3rd song is titled: FAMILY to the tune of This is Me. We sing bravely about the Family, standing against the villains that wages war against the family today."
(Sing here)

End of remarks by the President of Public Advocate, Eugene Delgaudio