Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio released today, Wednesday, June 16, 2021, a a statement and letter declaring the LMNOP movement in America and the world, using in person events, online messages and social media outreach.

Delgaudio said at a Washington, D.C. ceremony honoring June as the month of LMNOP, in part:

Public Advocate is proud to declare June as LMNOP+ Month in support of real traditional Family values.

It is a real fight for the Family, for Today it is a SHAME that major corporations are embracing this perverse LGBTQ agenda & helping the homosexual indoctrination of our children!

They confuse our children about gender, that homosexual "marriages" are perfectly normal, and destroy the importance of the family!

But no more! We declared that pro-Family Americans would never surrender to the celebration of a dangerous, anti-Christian ideology!

We have put the disorder of the "LGBTQ+" label, back in order to the LMNOP+ brand!

Public Advocate is reaching millions here today and online with celebration of the LMNOP community, that is the Lifestyles of Mainstream, Normal, Ordinary People +.

In an online message to just under one million contacts, Delgaudio said ( in part)

"With a radical like Biden in the White House, the Homosexual Lobby is pulling out all the stops on this "pride month."

The propaganda is everywhere.

They are coordinating closely with major corporations of every industry.

And these companies are falling over themselves to pledge their loyalty to the Homosexual Agenda and their opposition to Christianity..........

(Delgaudio is calling for boycotts of several leftist anti-Family corporations)

Public Advocate has launched the first-of-its-kind national boycott campaign of select corporations to celebrate LMNOP Month.

We have asked America to quit the Homosexual Agenda for June................

We need to show these major corporations that when "they go woke, they go broke."

We need to hurt their bottom line.

Mainstream, Normal, Ordinary Americans just like you need to show these corporations that we won't just meekly tolerate their endorsement of sexual immorality," said Delgaudio.

So please, click here to sign your Pledge to Boycott right now.