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Public Advocate asks America to Stand With Christian teacher Tanner Cross Now, Takes Legal Actions

Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio, speaking to a rally in Ashburn, Virginia at the Loudoun County School Administration building main entrance on Thursday June 3 said, in part:

"America must stand with the brave teacher who stood for all Christians and was struck down for his faith. There is no time to lose and time is short but Christians and all who believe in religious liberty must peacefully respond to this disgusting and illegal action against a dedicated, decent and honest civil servant. We are all Tanner. I stand with Tanner and ask all Americans to stand with Tanner against religious persecution in America," Delgaudio said.


My name is Eugene Delgaudio and I am president of Public Advocate, a non-profit group and
a former 16 year member of the elected Board of Supervisors in Loudoun County.

Thank you to my dedicated staff, volunteers and supporters who contribute to the cause of fighting the current persecutions of Christians in Loudoun County and throughout the United States today.

I am here today at the Loudoun School Board Administration Building to demonstrate publicly to oppose the removal of Tanner Cross as a Loudoun county teacher. Byron Tanner Cross is an honest, caring, dedicated and sincere professional who offered his testimony as any American can do at a public hearing during the consideration of a harmful anti-child and anti-God policy of requiring teachers to refer young children for forced sex change surgery and dangerous medical treatments that permanently scar innocent victims.

Tanner Cross expressed his love of everyone no matter their situation and spoke of his own faith in God and his belief that Godly values must be respected. Most importantly Tanner Cross stated, as a practicing Christian, he would never refer a child to surgery knowing that there is only two genders, man and woman.

We stand with Tanner today. Thank you all for standing with Tanner today and always. We believe in God. We believe in His values. We believe that there are two genders, man and woman. We award Tanner the Family Advocate award for stating his beliefs before God and the world. We are all Tanner. We all must take our stand.

Tanner represents all who take that stand and are met by the outcry of the liberal elements that are drunk with power and have established a pattern of corruption never experienced in Loudoun County.

I have a special perspective as a former elected official who was the subject of a recall petition and fabricated charges detailed in the Washington Post and the major media many times. I am fully aware of the charged anti-Delgaudio hysteria that grips liberals still and makes them dizzy and frenzied. It was an early version of Trump Derangement syndrome.

Today it is my observation and belief that there is a tsunami a long high political sea wave caused by a liberal disturbance of the normal operations of the Loudoun county government at all levels. This collapse of moral order must be restored peacefully and with legal deliberate action.

There are many lawful actions that are being taken by patriotic and legitimate grass roots groups here in Loudoun County. I join a long list of groups that are already active here at the School Board and at the local Board of Supervisors which seems to be run by corrupt but powerful elected officials who exhibit the appearance of operating outside the law.

It is outside the law and public interest to remove a teacher who professes his faith and silence his right to speak the truth at a public hearing asking for impacts to a proposed policy.

It is outside the law and public interest to attack state legislators like conservative Delegate David LaRock for simply supporting Donald Trump.

It is outside the law and public interest to conduct public policy in a secret closed social media page closed to the public comments of constituents.

It is outside the law and public interest to prohibit real racial equality with the Marxist Critical Race Theory that school officials openly lie about forcing upon staff, and children while targeting private citizens who bring attention to the harmful policy at public hearings in a peaceful manner.

This is just a partial list of problems observed in Loudoun County, Virginia.

Public Advocate is supporting THE CAUSE OF OPEN GOVERNMENT through a substantial FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST.

Public Advocate has filed a FOIA ACTION to request information and I ask that the School Board cooperate with these proper requests.

This the complete list of officials Public Advocate has made FOIA requests of all their Internet usage log records.

Loudoun County School Board:
Denise Corbo
Atoosa Reaser
Harris Mahedavi
Ian Serotkin
Leslee King
Jeff Morse
Beth Barts
Brenda Sheridan

Loudoun Board of Supervisors:
Phyllis Randall
Koran Saines
Juli Briskman
Michael Robert Turner
Sylvia Glass
Kristen Umstattd

Loudoun Commonwealth Attorney:
Buta Biberaj

Loudoun County Public Schools employees who are also MSAAC members:

Keaira Jennings,Paulina-Marie Ransom
Claudia Matteo
Katrece Nolen
Sofia Saiyed
Morgan Smith

It is outside the law and public interest for elected officials to be passively part (accomplices) of any organized verbal or social media attack or threat against any citizen who simply testifies in public on proposed policies and wrongful actions against other citizens.

It is a clear Federal First Amendment right for a church like Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg to allow the collection of signatures for a public court trial of allegations of wrongdoing through the collection of those signatures on a removal petition.

Public Advocate has 4,000 views on video refering petition signers of the removal of school board officials, and we are refering volunteers to collect signature son these petitions. All of these petition signers will get their day in court and a hearing of their allegations of harm to them and the public.

Public Advocate will take other actions in support of the many grass roots groups already leading locally in Loudoun County and these are just a few actions we have taken in support of Alliance Defending Freedom, FightForSchools, Virginia Project and others. We will do more.