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Montana Protects Women in Sports Today With New Law

"Thank You Montana Legislators for passing the needed legislation to protect women in sports against men who unfairly compete against them and Governor Greg Gianforte for signing the passed bill into law, said Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.

Liberal Montana Free Press reports:

"Gov. Greg Gianforte has signed a bill that places restrictions on transgender students who want to participate in school sports, making Montana the latest state to adopt such a measure.

The governor's office did not hold a ceremony or release a statement about the bill signing Friday. The news was first reported by Montana Public Radio after the bill's status was updated on the Legislature's official tracking system.

House Bill 112 was the subject of intense and emotional debate for the duration of the legislative session, which adjourned at the end of April. The sports bill cleared both chambers with an amendment on April 23 but was not transmitted to Gianforte's desk until Monday.

......Proponents, including statewide and national conservative Christian policy organizations, have said that the bills will protect (PA edit here: NORMAL) women from unfair athletic competition against transgender women (PA EDIT: MEN) who were identified as male at birth. "


"With its signature, Montana becomes the seventh state to ban trans youth from participating in sports in some way. West Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Arkansas have all adopted similar laws to prevent transgender girls from playing sports as their gender."

Primary source: Liberal Montana Free Press

Photo source: wikepedia