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Arkansas Protects Children From Being Mutilated Over Governors Veto

Gov. Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas publicly insisted on mutilating little children using chemical castration and vetoed a bill to prevent the mass mutilation of little children. The Republican controlled state house overwhelmingly voted to override the Governors support of brutal chemical castration of children.

"Governor Hutchinson's stuborn insistence to support the mass mutiliation of little children in the face of overwhelming public opposition and the subsequent overwhelming override in the state house to prohibit the mass mutililation of little children in these bizarre transgender sex changes illustrates how some Republicans are in the homosexual lobby cesspool up to their necks," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.


Governor Asa Hutchinson admitted that his veto of HB1570, which would prohibit kids under the age of 18 from receiving any chemical or surgical treatments involving gender reassignment, would likely be overridden.

On Tuesday afternoon in the House Session bill sponsor Robin Lundstrum made the motion to over turn the Governor's veto. In her remarks she maintained the bill was to protect children's health.

"This is an FDA not-approved procedure, this is experimentation on children with long-term health effects," Lundstrum said.

She also said the bill still allows for healthcare and counseling of youth with gender issues and that anything to the contrary is not true.

"Anybody that says that is choosing to lie and the choosing to scare children and their parents," Lundstrum said.



Just over 24 hours later, sponsor Rep. Robin Lundstrum, R-Elm Springs, moved to call a vote to overturn Hutchinson's veto. The motion passed 72-25 in the House and subsequently passed 25-8 in the Senate. Both votes were largely along party lines.

Lundstrum said Hutchinson's statement that the legislation was a product of the "culture war" was true, but that the state needed to protect children from those procedures.

"Our children stand as pawns right now. They're minors and they're children and they need to be protected" from surgical and hormonal treatments, she said. "Even medicine sometimes is wrong. We should never experiment on children. Ever."

Leading medical associations consider gender-affirming treatment best-practice and potentially life-saving care that positively affects mental health outcomes. The bill is officially titled the "Save Adolescents From Experimentation," or SAFE, Act, though experts in gender-diverse health care say those treatments have been used successfully for decades.