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Veto or Sign Decision Today for Governor Kristi Noem, As Other Governors Sign Pro-family legislation

"The North Dakota treachery of Kristi Noem is similar to the worst of frontier opportunism. This frontrunner candidate for President flipped her positions in the spotlight and claims she is steadfast. Her duplicity in playing to the media to dump all women in sports in some horrible mess is made worse as two other Governors have quickly signed similar legislation without flinching or flipping (Arkansas and Tennessee joined Mississippi ), said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, said today to online audience of supporters:

"Governor Noem has gone from a conservative hero to cowardly traitor in just a week.

Despite her published promise to sign South Dakota's Stop Trans Sports bill, she vetoed it at the last second.

To disguise her treachery, she has generated mass amounts of misinformation.

She swore to Tucker Carlson that she "did not veto" the bill -- yet the legislature's website says clearly that she did.

Noem is swearing to the nation that she can't sign the Stop Trans Sports Bill, yet governor after governor has signed theirs.

Just days after Public Advocate brought Noem's cowardice to national attention, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed the Stop Trans Sports bill into law for his state.

This bill is a direct nullification of Joe Biden's unconstitutional executive order, mandating that all school sports become "transgender" -- i.e. that males be allowed to disguise themselves as female and compete unfairly.

The day after Arkansas joined the growing nullification of this executive order, Tennessee's Governor Bill Lee signed the bill for his state.

And of course, Mississippi was the first state to take action when Governor Tate Reeves signed the bill in response to Public Advocate's call for signed petitions.

Public Advocate has been warning the nation against the harm done to Girls' Athletics by the "transgender agenda" for years.

But with Biden's executive "tyrannical" order, we have shifted our efforts from Congress, to the state level.

Idaho answered our call-to-action last year when they passed the first of these bills.

Clearly Governor Noem has not bothered to check with any other conservative governors on whether or not this bill is possible.

We want to salute Governors Reeves and Hutchinson for their bravery in taking action against the Biden Administration.

But we have to keep the pressure up on Governor Noem.

Today is the last day for the South Dakota state legislature to take action on H.B. 1217, the "Stop Trans Sports Bill.

Noem has demanded that they cut critical protections for collegiate female athletes from the bill before she'll sign it.

But Speaker of the House Spencer Gosch has declared that her demands are unconstitutional and that the House will not comply.

This firm stand for the rights of all female athletes is 100% the result of the hard work that Public Advocate and our dedicated supporters has done over the last week.

With your help and the help of hundreds of thousands of others, we have raised a national outcry over Noem's actions, and we have crushed her false narrative.

The truth is winning despite the efforts of Noem, the Mainstream Media or the Homosexual Lobby.

Even Tucker Carlson called out her lies on his segment.

Like Mr. Carlson said, the Stop Trans Sports bill is a no-brainer.

Please sign our petition now. Keep the heat on Rhinos and Liberals.